DAS23: Ambition Into Action

This session examined how Australian agriculture can turn its ambition to be a $100bn industry into action. Sponsored by Digital Earth Australia.
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Theme exploration:

Australia's agrifood sector has laid out its ambition: to become a $100bn industry by 2030. Data sharing and whole-of-farm connectivity will be vital to unlocking the full value of our digital future, and reaching that target. There are opportunities for increased profit, but there are challenges to embracing change too. This session will examine how Australian agriculture can turn ambition into action.

Keynote Presentation: Warren Jennings, Telstra

Case Study: Chris Claridge, Trust Alliance NZ

Panel Response:

  • Warren Jennings, Telstra
  • Hamish Munro, Pairtree Intelligence
  • Gabriela Ceregra, National Farmers' Federation
  • Matt Stewart, NGIS
  • Chris Claridge, Trust Alliance NZ (Moderator)

This session was sponsored by Digital Earth Australia.

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