David Statham

Sundown Pastoral


David Statham is the co-founder of FibreTrace Technologies with his wife Danielle. He is also co-owner of the Sundown Pastoral Company and Good Earth Cotton. Together they have created one of the world’s most renowned sustainable agricultural enterprises.

Since 1984 David has been at the forefront of innovation in agricultural technology and the application of regenerative farming techniques. This has resulted in the Sundown Pastoral Company being recognised as one of Earth's most efficient and environmentally ethical agricultural enterprises, being the world’s first carbon positive cotton farm.

David’s vision is to work in harmony with nature and believes regenerative farming techniques can create a better and healthier planet for generations ahead. It is his passion to transform the fashion supply chain.  He is driven daily to leave the planet and its culture a better place for future generations. David believes that brands need to be connected to the farms they rely on to supply their cotton - and in turn trace the product all the way to the shelf. Creating a supply chain with full visibility that ensures true long term sustainability is the way to achieving this goal.

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