Dr Kenny Sabir


VP of Research & Development

Dr Kenneth Sabir started at AgriWebb as the first employee 8 years ago, leading the technical design and engineering leadership as Head of Engineering to grow to support 14,000 livestock producers with 60 million livestock through the system across 65 million hectares across the globe. Kenneth moved to the new role as VP of R&D in 2022 to help foster relationships with government, academia, and other industry partners, with the goal of productising research to the large customer base to help move the industry forward. Kenneth initiated and leads Foragecaster, a 4 year research project with the Food Agility CRC to help develop useful planning tools to improve productivity, resilience and sustainability for producers, working with a team of 36 people including AgriWebb, Cibo Labs, FlintPro, UTS and QUT. 

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