Prof David Lamb

Food Agility CRC

Chief Scientist

David is a physicist whose research interests include applied optics and precision agriculture. He has worked in precision agriculture for more than 25 years and has led more than 40 industry-funded R&D projects. David established the University of New England's Precision Agriculture Research Group, and the internationally renowned SMART Farm project. He recently completed a national review of telecommunications challenges and opportunities for Australian agriculture. He is a member of the National Positioning Infrastructure Advisory Board and is an advisor on a number of agricultural sector-specific technical innovation groups and communities of interest. David currently serves as Australian representative for the International Society for Precision Agriculture. In 2016 he received the McClymont Distinguished Professorship (Research) at UNE in recognition of his ongoing service to agriculture innovation and research leadership, and in 2022 the Pierre C. Robert Award from the International Society of Precision Agriculture for his contribution to precision agriculture science and technology.

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