Prof Jacquie McGlade

Downforce Technologies

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Professor Jacquie McGlade is the chief scientist and co-founder of Downforce Technologies. She holds positions as Professor of Sustainable Development and Resilience at the Institute for Global Prosperity and Faculty of Engineering, University College London, UK. She is a Professor in International Public Policy and Governance at Strathmore University Business School, Kenya.

Jaquie is also involved in R&D that covers nature-based solutions to climate adaptation and mitigation, ocean and human health, the circular bio-economy, earth observations and ecosystem modelling and the impacts of pollution on human and ecosystem health, and intergenerational prosperity.

Previously the chief scientist of the UN Environmental Programme and executive director of the European Environment Agency, as well as director of the UK Centre for Coastal and Marine Sciences, and professor at University of Warwick

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