Dr Stéphanie Camarena

Source Transitions

Founder & Director

Stéphanie is the founding director of Source Transitions, a for-purpose company that takes a human-centered and responsible approach to developing and operationalising AI-powered sustainable strategies.

She has been codesigning and redesigning with organisations for the purpose of sustainability since 2009. A systems thinker, Stéphanie focuses her work on deep leverage points, the places where “a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything” (Donella Meadows, 1999).

To complement her experience, Stéphanie undertook her doctoral research at RMIT University with support from the Food Agility CRC. She investigated how to engage with artificial intelligence to transition to sustainable food systems. Stéphanie's publications also contribute to the fields of design for sustainability, ontological design, codesign, interaction design, systems thinking and transdisciplinary research.

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